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The birth of openhouseparty


Charles Murillo was able to witness the struggles of many ordinary people in having a decent house to live in or paying in their monthly rent. Moreover, he is aware that today’s modern way life is making more families to have less time together.


These observations prompted him to create OpenHouseParty to give hope to families and individuals who are struggling to have proper homes as well as to provide the opportunity for families to bond together. 

Realizing that the cost of living and debt levels are putting pressure on many people to compete with one another for more from life, Chas wants to take the junk/plastic life throws at him that’s over produced by society and put it into developing his replicable machinery for creating sustainable housing to mend people’s insecurities.

The cost of each miniature design is affordable and made available to everyone because it is open-source. This project also encourages everyone to contribute and share their expertise to make the project better and more useful.

OpenHouseParty aims to help people have stable housing at a very affordable cost.