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Why I'm creating a charity and private business

I decided to create "OpenHouseParty!" a 501(c)3 charity. Why might you ask? That seems like a private benefit :P

Well, I wanted to earn a lot of money to afford my own place initially when starting my career(pre-college days), however, that hasn't worked out too well with the student debt I took on(paid off) and took on now with my entity's equipment. I believe access to resources to change people's life should be more accessible and open #opensource and affordable housing opportunities should be more available to those willing to put in sweat equity when low on devaluing American securities(cash) compared to real earnings. Plus it's good mental health engagement (I feel) to be like "bro/gal, I can't afford housing and neither can my co-workers who are also financially stressed..." Let's do something about it!?! #rebelmotors #killTheMortgage. Also, by publicly putting myself out there for the world to see, I feel helps me stay more accountable and I feel will help me better engage with the right virtual community.

Through starting a charity I've learned a few things. One is that any private benefit, so long as a charity provides a benefit to all members of the public the side effect of private benefit will not revoke tax exempt status... cool story bro! So doing something that benefits an individual is fine so long as any member of the public may benefit.

I also decided to create a "private business" which really just separates if/when the time comes where I REALLY privately benefit... aka locking the doors to my "home asset" ;)

By the way... open source organizations are really cool and I meet rather awesome people that way. It's kinda like have a virtual front porch.